Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Google's Test Automation Conference

I was very happy to get invited to Google's Test Automation Conference in London, 7th-8th September. There are some interesting topics including the obvious ones such as Selenium, AJAX, Functional Testing. But the talks are also covering distributed systems and mobile devices.

Thankfully work has given me the two days off, and I'm hopefully I can learn a lot from the conference.

At work we're building a distributed platform with JavaSpaces and face some big hurdles for effective testing.

  • It's a distributed system, with many components and various deployment options e.g. redundancy.
  • The primary interface is Eclipse RCP.
  • It's a platform with many different applications built on top, sharing varying amounts of functionality.
Unit Testing with Junit and Agitar is the easy part. Effective Integration Testing is our biggest testing challenge.