Sunday, September 17, 2006

Railsconf Europe

Some of the interesting talks.

HAML - Interesting DSL for XHTML instead of RHTML. Best features would be clean output and almost no redundant text in the template. Would definately highlight any uesful markup, and they have good feedback from designers. The presenter swearing like a trooper and starting a second beer while presenting, was impressive.

JRuby - Obviously very important to those stuck in Java land. But seriously, IMHO its going to eventually be the premier runtime for Ruby, and I hope that sun really gets behind it. Spring Remoted services being used in your Rails controllers looks so much more attractive than a big JSF setup.

UJS - Unobtrusive Javascript Plugin. Definately something most sites should be aiming for. Pages that work without javascript, but then add in javascript for improved usabiity.

Kathy Sierra Keynote - Really interesting talk about creating passionate users.

DHH's talk on vendoritis, and the general theme of "I don't owe you shit!", and "F$%^ You!". Got a lot of claps.

There was some dodgy talks but overall the standard was great.

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