Thursday, December 21, 2006

Warne's Retirement

Warne confirms retirement

Am I the only one thinking we should Cryogenically freeze Shane Warne right now?

We can save him for a time when human cloning is accepted, and therefore ensure eons of Australian cricketing success.

But the added benefit is that he still has a couple of series in him.  If things turn dire after the upcoming retirement of half the Australian team, we can thaw him out for a few morale boosting series victories.


arj said...

I've got cousins from India here, who are a little astonished about the level of coverage Warney's retirement news is getting. Over here, it's leading and dominating the beginning of every news bulletin, with added mentions again throughout the latter parts of the same bulletin.
Occasionally I find myself trying to view things through their eyes (eg. "Is he really the best ever bowler?", "Is all this magic and wizard talk over-the-top", and "Should it be such a big deal when, good a cricketer as he was,. he was obviously so flawed?"), yet even so I can't help come to the conclusion that it's all justified.

We won't see another Warney. His ability was superhuman, yet at the same time so accessible. His art and the theatre that came with it are the reason so many people "got into" Test cricket. There's little better in sport than watching Warne in the midst of a long bowling spell to a class right-hand batsman, as you see his scheme unfold slowly and, ultimately, undo the poor chap.

So yeah... let's freeze the bastard until a more advanced age of science comes along when we can clone him. And even though the same age would probably mean we could iron out his various flaws and blemishes, I reckon we'd all take him as he was.

Yuri Schimke said...

Bradman played for such a long period at the highest level, and then became a very important administrator, and was an important figure in cricket generally for years.

Hopefully it's something about these superb sporting minds, that Warne will also give back through commentating and maybe coaching.

That spark is too bright to burn out now.....

Trent said...

I think the biggest regret is that sledge-mic didn't come into prominence during his time. We've only heard glimpses of his sledging ability... (i.e. f***ing a***y c***)